Skype calls on Research Now to measure campaign effectiveness


Skype wanted to measure the impact of its online video campaign for “Level 48”, an event where two well-known gamers competed in a variety of video games for 48 hours. The goal was to increase awareness of three key features of Skype on Xbox®: Voice Command, Group Video Calling and “Snap”.

Viewers could watch the live Level 48 video feed on a microsite, which then stayed online after the competition to show videos promoting key features of Skype on Xbox.

To assess effectiveness and engagement, Skype wanted to be able to tag and measure the campaign media and the microsite, without intruding upon the overall user experience.


For this study, we adopted a three-phased approach. However, since the phases are interchangeable, we can use whatever combination and sequence is best for the project.

The microsite successfully enagaged users throughout the campaign, raising awareness of Skype features on Xbox by 30%

Phase 1

To evaluate campaign effectiveness, Skype used Research Now’s ADimension® methodology. Our survey of the control and exposed groups provided valuable insights into the campaign’s impact on Awareness, Likeability, Intent, and Brand Advocacy.

Phase 2

To get the full picture, we measure a campaign’s reach, frequency and brand metrics as a whole rather than in isolation. Implementing the ADS Model allowed us to look at this campaign holistically and to identify the drivers of attitude and behaviour. As a result, we were able to make actionable recommendations:

Phase 3

Post-campaign creative testing provided a deep-dive into how the approach “broke through” to the audience and across different sub-groups. We gathered information on how the ads made people feel, which parts of the video resonated most or least with each sub-group, and the brand bonding and brand metric impact for Skype.


By combining these phases into a cohesive methodology, we discovered:

  • That the campaign worked for the target audience
  • How viewers outside the target audience were most impacted and educated
  • Which factors contributed to, or detracted from, user adoption
  • The main emotions exhibited by each sub-group at every stage of the video
  • The degree of viewer bonding with the Skype brand

This meant we provided Skype with a set of actionable recommendations to help improve campaign optimisation and efficiency in the future.